First annual english week

Lunes, Julio 6, 2015

For the first time this year in school history there was an English week; and it was a great one. We had several guests and activities throughout the event. Storytellers entertained our CM2´s and 6ème´s, a coach gave a nice conference to our 3ème´s, and even a specialist taught our 2nd´s how to recycle. Our 1ère´s and Terminale´s also instructed our young students, playing games and doing experiments with them. Tuesday and Thursday were our busiest days. On Tuesday we had a yoga class which was outstanding, and in the afternoon the Talent Show proved that there is a lot of ability in our institution. On Thursday, three presentations from the Terminale L´s and the 4ème´s corroborated that our pupils are extremely gifted; and in the afternoon the 6ème´s showed they have a lot of skills when it comes to spelling with a contest that lasted almost two hours. Everybody had a very good time and the students enjoyed it a lot. It was truly an awesome first annual English week.